Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association

Special Board Meeting

October 3, 2012


A Special Meeting of the General Membership will take place tonight at 6:30pm in Clover Lawn Park (located between Allensworth and Thorman, and Avenel and Catalpa).

A special meeting of the Board has been called by 4 Directors for tonight at 6:15pm in Clover Lawn Park (located between Allensworth and Thorman and Catalpa and Avenel).



City Council will vote on the proposed parking lot on Perry Court on Thursday, October 4th.  The meeting starts at 2pm.  Arrive early to sign up to speak or to be able to donate your time to another speaker.



Its that time of year again! Time to select our Nominating Committee for the 2013 MPNA Board.


We will hold elections for the nominating committee at the October General Meeting (10/16). Two current Board members, not seeking re-election, will be selected by the Board to be on the Committee. The General Membership will vote in 3 association members to be the other members of the 2012 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee helps make sure we have a well-balanced group of individuals serving on the Board.



The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association has reviewed the Parking Facilities Planning documentation presented to us on August 27, 2012. At this time Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association re-confirms it's opposition to the zoning change/faculty parking lot.



Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2012


Members present: Michael Lockridge, Michael Bartels, Sara Christensen, Dee Barfield, Gabe Montoya, Julie Miller


Members Absent: Keri Ulrich